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Research Publications

Population Ageing and Social Security in Asia

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Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial of An Aged Care Specific Leadership and Management Program to Improve Work Environment, Staff Turnover, and Care Quality

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Mortgage Equity Withdrawal and Institutional Settings: An Exploratory Analysis of six Countries

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An Assessment of Recent Iranian Fertility Trends Using Parity Progression Ratios

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Pricing Annuity Guarantees under a Double Regime-switching Model

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Optimal Investment-reinsurance for Mean-variance Insurers with Square-root Factor Process

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Optimal Control of Mean-field Jump-diffusion Systems with Delay: A stochastic Maximum Principle Approach

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Mean-variance Portfolio Selection in a Random Environment with Unbounded Coefficients

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Examination of the Association Between Mental Health, Morbidity, and Mortality in Late Life: Findings from Longitudinal Community Surveys

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