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Research Publications

Self-Reported Cognitive Decline on the IQCODE is Associated with Dementia, IADLs and Depression, but not Longitudinal Cognitive Change in a Community Based Sample: The PATH Through Life Study

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Older Australians providing informal care. Fact Sheet 11

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Modelling the Impact of mHealth Service Quality on Satisfaction, Continuance and Quality of Life

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Individual Post-Retirement Longevity Risk Management under Systematic Mortality Risk

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Evaluation of Screening Tests for Predicting Older Driver Performance and Safety Assessed by an On-Road Test

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Discharge Planning from Hospital to Home

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Development of a New Method for Assessing Global Risk of Alzheimer's Disease for Use in Population Health Approaches to Prevention

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Chronic pain, impact of pain and pain severity and physical disability in older people - is there a gender difference?

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A Dynamic Equilibrium Model of the U.S. Wage Structure, 1968-1996

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