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Research Publications

Lifetime Dependence Modelling using the Truncated Multivariate Gamma Distribution

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Employee and workplace well-being: A multi-level analysis of teacher personality and organisational climate in Norwegian teachers from rural, urban and city schools

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Does Retirement Age Impact Mortality?

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Culture and sun exposure in immigrant East Asian women living in Australia

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Can social dancing prevent falls in older adults? A protocol of the Dance, Aging, Cognition, Economics (DAnCE) fall prevention randomised controlled trial

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Modeling and Forecasting Health Expectancy: Theoretical Framework and Application

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Intraindividual Variability Is a Fundamental Phenomenon of Aging: Evidence From an 8-Year Longitudinal Study Across Young, Middle, and Older Adulthood

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Consistent Dynamic Affine Mortality Models for Longevity Risk Applications

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A mental model of factors associated with subjective life expectancy

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