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Research Publications

The Gender Gap in Financial Security: What we know and don't know about Australia's Households

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Left-ear Driven Representational Pseudoneglect for Mentally Represented Real World Scenes Driven by Aural-verbal Description

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How do General Practitioners Engage with Allied Health Practitioners to Prevent Falls in Older People? An Exploratory Qualitative Study

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Reconstructing the fall: Individual, behavioural and contextual factors associated with falls in individuals with intellectual disability

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Mixed-methods Research: What's in it for Economists

Jefferson, T., Austen,S., Sharp, R., Ong, R., Lewin, G. and Adams, V. (2014). The Economic Labour Relations Review, 25(2), 290-305. 

Ageing Across the Tasman Sea: The Demographics and Health of Older Adults in Australia and New Zealand

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Active Ageing and Occupational Therapy Align

Clemson, L. and Kaver, K. (2014). Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, 61 (3), 204-207. 

The Demography of Indonesia in Comparative Perspective

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Optimal Investment-Consumption-Insurance with Random Parameters

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