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Research Publications

Long-term Cognitive Correlates of Traumatic Brain Injury Across Adulthood and Interactions with APOE Genotype, Sex and Age-cohort

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Improving Money's Worth Ratio Calculations: The Case of Singapore's Pension Annuities

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Adapting Data Collection Methods in the Australian Life Histories and Health Survey: A Retrospective Life Course Study

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Use of the Tailored Activities Program to Reduce Neuropsychiatric Behaviours in Dementia: An Australian Protocol for a Randomized Trial to Evaluate its Effectiveness

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The Relationship between Big-5 Personality Traits and Cognitive Ability in Older Adults – A Review

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Pricing Foreign Equity Option with RegimeSwitching

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Global Ageing in the Twenty-first Century: Challenges, Opportunities and Implications

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Does Progressive Resistance and Balance Exercise Reduce Falls in Residential Aged Care? Randomized Controlled Trial Protocol for the SUNBEAM Program

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Dietary Mineral Intake and Risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment: the PATH Through Life project

Cherbuin, N., Kumar, R., Sachdev, P., Anstey, K.J. (2014). Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 6 (4), 1-8.