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Research Publications

Adherence to Recommended Health Checks by Women in Mid-Life: Data from a Prospective Study of Women Across Australia

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The Effect of Health Behaviour Change on Self-Rated Health Across the Adult Life Course: A Longitudinal Cohort

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Rethinking Age-Period-Cohort Mortality Trend Models

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Reciprocity in the Formation of Intergenerational Coresidence.

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Portability of Pensions, Health and other Social Benefits: Concepts and Issues

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Long Term Benefits of a Lifestyle Exercise Program for Older People Receiving Restorative Home Care Service: A Pragmatic Randomised Controlled Trial

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Dietary Patterns and Depressive Symptoms over Time: Examining the Relationships with Socioeconomic Position, Health Behaviours and Cardiovascular Risk

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Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms and Cognitive Abilities in the Late-Life Cohort of the PATH Through Life Study

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A Self-Report Risk Index to Predict Occurrence of Dementia in three Independent Cohorts of Older Adults: The ANU-ADRI

Anstey, K.J., Cherbuin, N., Herath, P.M., Qiu, C., Kuller, L.H., Lopez, O.L., Wilson, R.S. and Fratiglioni, L. (2014). PLoSONE, 9 (1).