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Working Papers

Elderly care

Joelle H. Fong, Adam W. Shao and Michael Sherris

We apply generalized linear models to evaluate disability transitions for individuals in old age based on a large sample of U.S. elderly.


Michael Sherris and Qiming Zhou

This paper overviews recent developments in models for mortality heterogeneity and uses a model calibrated to both population mortality and health condition data to consider the impact of model risk and heterogeneity in assessing solvency and tail risk for longevity risk products.

Inheritance tax

Cagri S. Kumru and Saran Sarntisart

The purpose of this paper is to examine the question of optimal taxation when individuals have self-control problems.

Financial growth

Adam Wenqiang Shao, Michael Sherris and Katja Hanewald

This paper estimates and compares methods of constructing disaggregated house price indices from existing house price models using individual sales data for Sydney.


Hazel Bateman, Isabella Dobrescu, Ben R. Newell, Andreas Ortmann and Susan Thorp

We report the results of two laboratory experiments that study how university student and staff participants chose retirement savings investment options using 'user‐friendly' information prescribed by regulators.


Vanessa Loh and Hal Kendig

This paper provides national findings on both paid, tax-generating and unpaid, voluntary productivity across the life course, focusing primarily on the baby boomer cohort now in late middle age.

Family enjoying life

Shiko Maruyamaya and Meliyanni Johar

When siblings are concerned for the well-being of their elderly parents, the costs of care giving and long-term commitment create a free-rider problem.


Daniel Cho, Katja Hanewald and Michael Sherris

We analyse the risk and profitability of reverse mortgages with lump-sum or income stream payments from the lender's perspective


Ramona Meyricke and Michael Sherris

This paper quantities the financial impact of frailty on underwritten annuities.